Circular economy

LafargeHolcim will create more value from waste by transforming it into fuel and raw materials for all our production processes. By doing so, we will also provide sustainable waste treatment solutions. This will preserve natural resources and create local employment opportunities. In addition, in urban areas, we will develop the use of construction and demolition waste to produce recycled aggregates.


Our targets for 2030

► Use 80 million tons / year of resources made from waste in our operations.

► Multiply by 4 our volume of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste and reclaimed asphalt paving.


Why we care

In the long term, the cost of fuel and material resources can be expected to rise as competition increases. In parallel, growing population and urbanization - combined with resource scarcity- may force communities to prioritize access to natural resources. This creates opportunities for valorizing waste and industrial by-products.

LafargeHolcim wants to reduce its dependency on natural resources and fossil fuels by transforming waste into resources for all our production processes. This can bring value to environment and society by reducing the need for landfilling and waste incineration. Additionally this provides employment and other income opportunities through community-based waste collection.


Our 2030 solutions

  • Recycled building materials
  • Use of alternative raw materials
  • Mobile recycling solutions
  • Waste management services
  • Partnerships to source biomass residues from agriculture and forestry

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