LafargeHolcim will continue its mission to cut its net CO2 emissions per ton of cement and will help its customers avoid CO2 emissions released from buildings and infrastructure over the whole life-cycle thanks to its portfolio of sustainable products and services.


Our targets for 2030

Produce 40% less net CO2 per ton of cement than we did in 1990

Help our customers avoid 10 million tons of CO2 released every year from their buildings and infrastructure by using our innovative solutions.



Why we care

Cement is one of the most consumed resources in the world. Its manufacturing process requires the production of clinker, which results in CO2 emissions through the limestone decarbonisation process and energy consumption.

As a result of our past efforts, LafargeHolcim is the most carbon efficient cement company among international groups. But we need to do more. Buildings are responsible for 30-40% of global carbon emissions. As the new leader of the building materials industry, we strongly believe that we have a critical role to play to help decrease that footprint, together with the whole construction chain.