Our concrete solutions

With the help of the most advanced R&D facilities worldwide, LafargeHolcim has developed the most innovative range of ready-mix, prefabricated concrete solutions and services. They are designed to support buildings and infrastructure construction players in meeting their challenges: CO2 footprint reduction and energy efficiency of buildings, costs and speed of construction and worksite productivity, as well as architectural and aesthetic visual impact.   


As the new leader of the building materials industry, LafargeHolcim has leveraged its high-level research capabilities and experienced industrial know-how to develop the best range of multi-purpose concrete products and solutions on the market. 

Their quality, consistency and reliability offer superior mechanical performance for our customers’ most stringent demands, whatever the application in buildings or infrastructure. Our clients can also rely on LafargeHolcim’s world-class service, on-time deliveries and mix design management to get the concrete they need for their construction projects.


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LafargeHolcim ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)

Concrete solutions, uhpc

A high-tech concrete with technical and aesthetic qualities that consistently meet our customers’ high standards.

With LafargeHolcim‘s UHPC, architects and designers can freely create textures, surfaces and shapes that were previously too complex for a wide range of structural and architectural applications. Our UHPCs, such as Ductal®, possess a combination of high level properties, including:

  • strength, 
  • ductility, 
  • durability, 
  • impermeability to protect reinforcing against corrosion, and
  • enhanced abrasion and impact resistance.

It can also be used to lighten the overall weight of structures, which provides our customers with several benefits, such as thinner structural elements. In this way, it enables savings across the value chain by using less material and enabling faster construction through prefabrication. 


LafargeHolcim innovative specialty ready-mix concretes

Concrete solutions, consolidating

Self-consolidating concretes and screeds for quicker, more efficient worksites

Highly fluid, LafargeHolcim’s self-consolidating concretes and screeds considerably improve conditions and flexibility of worksites by eliminating the need to vibrate the concrete and associated nuisances. Our solutions, such as Agilia®, Easycrete, or Cemflow, can be poured rapidly and effortlessly and provide a superior surface quality for various applications: foundations, vertical and horizontal applications, screeds, architectural projects, etc.

Concrete solutions, Chronolia

High early strength concretes to gain time, reduce cost, and improve quality

The very high early strength gain and hardening properties of these concretes, such as Chronolia®, Speedcrete, and FastTrack, allows contractors to benefit from more flexibility in construction planning, safer working conditions, early loading of the structures, and associated cost savings. Formworks can be removed 3-5 times faster than standard concrete, resulting in twice as many daily cycles.

Concrete solutions, decorative

Decorative concretes: boosting creativity

Colors, surface finishes, shapes, for both outdoor and indoor applications: with LafargeHolcim’s range of decorative concretes, homebuilders, homeowners, architects, and designers can create the homes and projects they envisioned!  Our high quality aesthetic concretes, such as Artevia®, Articimo, or Colorpact, are also easy to place, require low maintenance and showcase great resistance to wear and tear, all while being cost-effective.

Concrete solutions, Extensia

High strength, low shrinkage concretes for industrial slabs

Specially designed for industrial floors subject to heavy vehicle traffic and high mechanical loads (car parks, industrial facilities), our concretes allow for long-lasting slabs with high resilience against wear and impact. Our solutions, such as Extensia®, Extend, and Floorpact allow floor designs with or without metallic reinforcements, depending on the project needs.

Concrete solutions, insulating

A new generation of insulating concretes for energy-efficient buildings

LafargeHolcim provides a unique solution to the market with its range of structural ready-mix concrete and screeds that combine strength and thermal insulation to allow up to a 35% reduction in heat losses. The thermal conductivity of the concrete is reduced by a factor of 5 (from 1.6 W/mK for conventional concrete to 0.3 or 0.4 W/mK for equivalent thermal insulating concrete). 

Our construction solution mindset allows us to offer the best solutions for the owner and the developer: LafargeHolcim insulating concretes minimize heating and air-conditioning costs and cut energy consumption in buildings, contributing to our track record of achieving the most advanced international environmental certifications (LEED®, BREEAM® or HQE®). 

Our solutions, such as Thermedia®, EcoTerm, or Thermicimo, are cost-effective, more practical, greener, safer, and healthier.

Concrete solutions, permeable

Best-in-class permeable concretes with advanced drainage technology

LafargeHolcim’s range of draining concretes offers sustainable solutions that combine the properties of concrete and advanced drainage technology. They exhibit high permeability and rapidly direct storm water off streets, parking surfaces, driveways, and walkways, thus reducing the risk of flooding. A range, including Hydromedia™, Stormpave, and Permecrete, is developed to meet the requirements of various environments, such as low-traffic pavement structures (cycle paths, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks), sports fields, roof terraces, or sub-bases for building and infrastructure works.


LafargeHolcim prefabricated concrete solutions

Concrete solutions, prefab

Precast solutions to accelerate construction

LafargeHolcim has market leading operations producing a diverse and innovative range of precast elements and solutions for housing, building, and infrastructure projects, including bridge beams and segments, tunnel linings, rail products, pipes, and wall panels for infrastructure, industrial, and residential applications.

Building blocks: the do-it-all cost-effective solution for construction

LafargeHolcim delivers well-designed, reliable and high quality concrete blocks to its industrial, commercial, and residential customers. We supply a wide range of practical, long-lasting and cost-effective concrete block solutions in order to cover the specific needs of each project.


LafargeHolcim services for our customers

  • Project support: LafargeHolcim world class experts support customer projects from the very first phase by reviewing the project requirements, identifying their needs, and proposing innovative solutions. 
  • Mobile plants: for major building and infrastructure projects requiring dedicated volumes and continuous supply, we can set up mobile plants close to construction sites to ensure efficient and rapid delivery of our ready-mix concrete products.
  • Logistics and pumping: LafargeHolcim manages one of the largest fleet of ready-mix concrete trucks on the market to ensure on-time deliveries to customer job sites. In specific countries, we can also offer delivery and pumping services for both small and large construction projects.
  • Placing and finishing: In selected locations, LafargeHolcim has developed a single offer that combines the supply of value-added concrete solutions and placement by approved applicators. For our customers, it results in simpler worksite management with one single contact in charge of materials and placing. They also benefit from the trusted quality that LafargeHolcim delivers consistently.