Engage with stakeholders to become the most attractive and respected company

In our objective to co-work effectively with stakeholders, it is crucial for LafargeHolcim to identify stakeholders accurately and proactively engage with them in regular and constructive dialogue in order to anticipate and manage changes and, ultimately, partner together in order to create shared value.


LafargeHolcim considers its stakeholders as those who have influence over our activities as well as those who are impacted by them.

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Due to is global reach, complex operations and business environment, the Group interacts and engages in a sustained dialogue with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, at all levels

  • Clients and end-users: Customer satisfaction is at the core of LafargeHolcim’s activity. Product development, innovation strategy, industrial performance, Health & Safety: the Group works in close partnership with customers and other leaders in the construction value chain to develop innovative, sustainable construction solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Workforce: LafargeHolcim is committed to providing safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces to its employees. The Group also runs programs to promote skills development and enhance diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. 
  • Local communities: LafargeHolcim’s neighboring communities must thrive in order to ensure the long-term development of our operations. This is why the Group and local teams meet regularly with local stakeholders and undertake social investment and inclusive business programs to promote local socio-economic development.​​
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    Suppliers: A sustainable supply chain is critical to enhancing LafargeHolcim’s operational performance and delivering on business objectives. The Group applies environmental and social performance and transparency standards throughout its entire supply chain. 

  • Public authorities: Operating in an increasingly complex business environment, with ever stronger regulatory constraints impacting its activities, LafargeHolcim engages in permanent dialogue with public bodies at local, national and regional levels, to contribute and advocate in a transparent manner to the elaboration of public policy. LafargeHolcim aims at being the reference partner in its sector for public authorities.
  • Shareholders & investors: They are the backbone of LafargeHolcim business, providing the financial support necessary to develop our activities. The Group works to meet shareholders‘ return expectations. We also give regular and transparent updates on our business strategy and financial situation.
  • Academia: We work together with respected academia all around the world to ensure LafargeHolcim is at the forefront of sustainable practices.
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