Our reports and publications

In this section, access the latest LafargeHolcim sustainability report as well as the archives of both companies prior to the merger.

Sustainability Report 2015

Find out more about our key figures and indicators, local projects, feedback from our stakeholder panel and how we will achieve the goals outlined in our 2030 plan.

  • Sustainability Report 2015 (online navigable version) (pdf, 4.01 MB)
  • Sustainability Report 2015 (printable version) (pdf, 4.06 MB)
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 content index (pdf, 104.38 KB)
  • LafargeHolcim Integrated Profit and Loss Statement 2015 (pdf, 160.11 KB)
  • Stakeholders Dialogue Attendees 2016 (pdf, 320.11 KB)
  • Materiality Review (pdf, 697.03 KB)
  • Advocacy on the 2030 plan (pdf, 56.03 KB)


Reports and related documents

Find out more about our policies, principles and additional key performance indicators.

  • Environmental Policy (pdf, 28.47 KB)
  • Alternative Fuels and Resources Policy (pdf, 49.98 KB)
  • Corporate Citizenship (pdf, 26.49 KB)
  • Sustainable Procurement Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct (pdf, 58.59 KB)
  • Tax principles (pdf, 45.68 KB)
  • CSI Additional Key Performance Indicators 2015 (pdf, 61.52 KB)


LafargeHolcim Integrated profit & loss (IP&L)