3DCONS: Breakthroughs in a pivotal technology for the construction industry

3 May 2019

LafargeHolcim has a strong track record of contributing to new innovations in construction technology by utilizing 3D printing. Development towards 3D printed buildings and infrastructure is ongoing and very interesting to innovators within the construction industry. This is why LafargeHolcim Spain has had a key role in the 3DCONS Project, which recently concluded after four years of intense research and development.


3DCONS is a national project for building solutions through 3D printing materials, in which several relevant players, united under a consortium, have produced a 3D Mortar that is likely to have commercial applications very soon. 3DCONS represents the first time all elements of the construction process have been represented in a single project, led by the building company Vías y Construcciones and involving software developer Cype, heritage rehabilitation expert Geocisa, production systems developer Proingesa and architectural team Atanga, as well as Saint Gobain for gypsum solutions. The developments of the project are of interest to the Spanish Industry Ministry who financed it through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

LafargeHolcim Spain’s team, played a large part in the project by developing the printed construction materials; mortars based on LafargeHolcim cements and limes, which can now be utilized for any 3D printing demand. Using mortar and gypsum solutions in 3D printing is an industry first, as well as the integration of BIM into printing software, in order to adapt to issues in sustainability and energy-consumption. 

These are important milestones in the realm of automated construction and sustainable buildings. Working towards innovative products and building solutions is at the heart of research and development at LafargeHolcim, and these efforts on the part of the Innovation and Quality Team are an important step forward in these aims.

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