Accessibility: what is accessibility?

According to Tim Bernes-Lee (director of W.3.C. and inventor of the world wide web), accessibility means "making the Web's benefits available to all people, whatever their hardware, software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location, or physical or mental ability." A website is accessible if its content can easily be accessed by any person equipped with a browser and, in some cases, appropriate tools.

The LafargeHolcim website includes several functions and tools that facilitate access:

  • navigation functions,
  • page personalization,
  • alternative formats for inaccessible files (for example, PDFs.).


Accessibility: text alternatives to videos and animations

LafargeHolcim is committed to providing a text alternative to every video, slideshow and animation on the site. This ensures all users can make full use of all content. Transcriptions present the content of videos and animations in text format for people who are unable to watch or listen to this content. To use this function, click on the "Video - text alternative" or "Animation - text alternative" links to open a page containing the transcript.


Navigation: quick access links

Hidden links have been inserted at the start of every page in the site so people using keyboards can navigate more easily:

  • the "Go to navigation" link leads to the main menu: About us / Sustainable development / Your needs, our solutions / Investor relations / News & Media / Career,
  • the "Go to search" link leads directly to the website search engine,
  • the "Go to content" link leads straight to the page content (the text zone below the breadcrumb trail).


Navigation: the LafargeHolcim logo

You can return to the site homepage at any time by clicking on the LafargeHolcim logo at the top left of the screen.


Navigation: link-to-link navigation

This site is designed to enable keyboard navigation on all pages. In most cases, you simply tap the "Tab" key on your keyboard to navigate from one clickable element to another clickable element in the page.

Conversely, if you want to go back in the opposite direction of reading, use the key combination "Shift" + "Tab".


Navigation: title-to-subtitle navigation

Users equipped with tools such as voice recognition software can navigate from section title to subtitle.


Navigation: breadcrumb trail

A breadcrumb trail is present on almost every page below the main menu. The homepage is one of the pages which does not have a breadcrumb trail. The breadcrumb trail allows users to:

  • know where they are in the site at all times and to find their place relative to the homepage,
  • "backtrack" to the homepage by clicking on the links in the trail.


Navigation: navigation menus

The main horizontal menu on the top of the page allows you to access sections and main pages of the site. This is drop-down menu can be controlled with both mouse, keyboard and finger for touch screens. The footer menu allows you to access additional pages such as "Contacts" page, glossary, FAQ, legal mentions, site map, etc.


Personalization: changing the size of characters

On all site pages, you can enlarge the font size.

If you are using a PC, use the key combination "Ctrl" + "+" to enlarge the font size. The key combination "Ctrl" + "-" allows decreasing the font size. Successive presses these keys allow you increasing or decreasing the font size step-by-step. Also note that the key combination "Ctrl" + "0" (the number "zero") allows you to return to the default size of text.

If you are Mac users, simply replace in the above combinations announced the "Ctrl" key with the "Cmd" to perform the same actions.


Contact us

We are committed to make this site available to all users, regardless of their physical and / or cognitive condition. However, if you were to have a problem when browsing or accessing certain contents of the website, please contact us by explaining your situation and the problem encountered with as much detail as possible so we can find a solution together.

By email

To contact us by mail, you can write directly to the following address:

By phone

To contact us by phone you can call the following number: tel:+41588585858. This number is available during working hours.

Contact us by mail

If you prefer to contact us by mail, please write to the following address: 

LafargeHolcim (Headquarter)
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