Agilia®: self-placing, self-leveling concrete and screed

A building material that flows and spreads effortlessly, reduces worksites hassles and saves you time every day? Discover Agilia®, our range of self-placing and self-leveling concretes and screeds. Extremely fluid, they require no vibration and provide an exceptional, highly esthetic finish for a variety of applications!


Agilia®: self-placing concrete & screed that reduce construction time and cost

The revolutionary technology used in Agilia® products allows it to flow cohesively under its own weight. It delivers excellent quality concretes and screeds with superior surface finishes compared to traditional materials – without manual placement or vibration. Plus, Agilia® speeds up pouring work and creates more flexibility on job sites!

Discover its benefits

  • No vibration

    Agilia® eliminates the need for vibration. That means improved safety conditions and less excess noise on worksites!

  • Easier to place

    The flowing properties of Agilia® make placing it a breeze, thanks to a reduced number of pour points & operations on the worksite.

  • Worksite flexibility

    The characteristics and reliability of the Agilia® range offer more efficient worksite organization for pouring work.

  • Reduced labor time

    Agilia® speeds up pouring work due to its ease of placement and the high-quality surface finish it delivers. Floating becomes a thing of the past!


How can you use Agilia®?

Agilia® gives flexibility on worksites at all levels, for all applications!

  • Foundations
  • Toppings
  • Horizontal & vertical structures
  • Screeds


Built with Agilia®