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LafargeHolcim's latest news

LafargeHolcim's latest news
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Globally, around 25% of all animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. We are taking action across our sites. Protection of endangered species is also at the top of LafargeHolcim Spain’s biodiversity strategy. Near Toledo, for example, the restored Yepes-Ciruelos quarry is a good habitat for bee orchids 🌸. Three orchid species have appeared since local pollinators have placed beehives at different points around the quarry : the yellow bee orchid, the mirror bee orchid and the spider bee orchid. This success has motivated the local team to introduce other native species of high ecological value, such as the Vella pseudocytisus. Orchids have also appeared spontaneously in Turó de Montcada, located in Serra de Collserola Natural Park near Barcelona, where a Natura 2000 habitat was created including the restored area of the quarry. ACER, a local NGO collaborating through a land custody agreement, has detected over 350 specimens of the giant orchid, over two dozen bee orchids, and the pyramidal orchid. #Biodiversity2020 #TurodeMontcada #lafargeholcimSpain

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Globally, around 25% of all animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. We are taking action across our sites. The hillside of one Holcim Lebanon site hosts 15 types of orchid species 🌸, unique in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The habitat was categorized a site of high significance due to the presence of these 15 types of orchids species (out of 86 taxa), the equivalent of 17.5% of the national diversity. This exceptional concentration of orchids, with many experiencing habitat loss, constitutes a site with outstanding national and global value. This national treasure was discovered by Holcim Lebanon as part of a regular biodiversity assessment, which it has since turned into a sanctuary. With the help of experts and the local community, Holcim Lebanon monitors the status and the number of orchids at this site every year, as well as possible natural threats. #HolcimLebanon #biodiversity2020 #orchid #orchidsofinstagram

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The white cement quarry in Chekka, Lebanon, is a space for education and scientific research. Since 2011, we have used nature based solutions to restore nature in our quarry. In this way, we create and conserve resilient natural habitats for the benefit of the entire local community.
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Nature-based solutions have led to the restoration of more than 360 flora and fauna species in our rehabilitated quarries in Spain. We work with environmental experts to monitor these restored spaces regularly, which now host many endangered species. Over 15,000 people enjoy visiting these public spaces every year.
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Thermaflow concretes help manage the heat generated by buried electric cables, increasing performance and sustainability of data centers.
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Solidia cement permanently stores CO2 in concrete pavers and blocks instead of releasing it into the atmosphere and creates concrete with a 70% lower carbon footprint than Ordinary Portland Cement.
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Hydromedia permeable concrete rapidly absorbs rainwater from streets, parking surfaces, driveways, and walkways - thus reducing the risk of flooding. It’s 100% recyclable and reduces heat islands.
  • 2 days 23 hours ago
Artevia Boreal helps minimize the need for street lights by transforming daylight into artificial light at night. Made with recycled materials, it can guide you at night for over 10 hours.
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Airium is a long-lasting and fully recyclable insulating mineral foam that builds and insulates at the same time. It reduces the building’s energy consumption from heating and cooling.
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LafargeHolcim CEO Jan Jenisch and CFO Géraldine Picaud lead the First Quarter Trading Update 2020 presentation, discussion and Q&A with analysts from the financial community.
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To promote the health and well-being of our communities we are implementing an extraordinary range of measures at country level. Everyone has their part to play in the fight against coronavirus, from big to small. Our operations, from cement plants to research labs, are joining in. We are helping where we can. More info:
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