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LafargeHolcim has always led through innovation. Combining our legacy of first-class research and development with an open innovation approach, we are confident that we will find answers to global problems: climate change, affordable housing and more.


Five megatrends driving market growth of 2%–3% per annum​


Share of new products per segment in 2018


Did you know?

  • We have a Research and Development Center in Lyon, France, dedicated to cutting-edge innovation
  • We own about 190 active patent families, with about 3/4 of the portfolio allocated to the Cement and Solutions & Products segments. 
  • We introduced 94 new products were introduced in 2018 (see chart)
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LH Accelerator: building innovation together

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Why do people get so excited about innovation? It's more than what's new or what's next - it's about how we can help.

Innovation is necessary for the building materials industry to provide solutions to global issues such as climate change and urbanization.

Together with partners Sika and China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), we launched the LH Accelerator. Start-ups and partners from around the world were invited to work collaboratively and to combine new ideas of start-ups with the proven experience of major players. The goal was to tackle today’s challenges along the entire construction value chain under a mutually beneficial six-month program.


"We were able to meet the right people for the right vertical; I think this was a perfect accelerator for that purpose."

Cyriaque Rios

Innovation will become the differentiator of the building materials industry.

We believe that innovation is emerging through the collaboration of a network of actors, outside any single organization. In 2018 we embraced this spirit of open innovation, connecting people and organizations from inside and outside LafargeHolcim to find new solutions and ways of working.

Our aim is to find and exploit innovations along our entire value chain, from processes to products, from quarry to worksite.

LH MAQER was introduced to the digital start-up community at the end of 2018. Through this program we are inviting start-ups, technology providers, universities and players in other industries to exploit the potential at the intersection between heavy industry and the tech sector – with promising first feedback. 

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