Bridging the gap between Berlin & Warsaw with timely material delivery

1 February 2012

The journey from Berlin to Warsaw is now a smoother ride thanks to the on time supply of LafargeHolcim's cement, aggregates and concrete! Stretching west to east across the Polish-German border, the A-2 highway now connects these two great cities in a matter of hours.


In 2001, construction resumed on the project after a long hiatus and the A-2 highway connecting Berlin to Warsaw officially opened to traffic by June 2012. Just in time for Euro 2012 football tournament! The stretch of highway connecting Świecko to Nowy Tomyśl, in Poland, features 105 km of concrete roads, 76 bridges and overpasses, 10 rest stops and 5 charging points for electric cars.

For this section LafargeHolcim supplied both cement and aggregates including:

  • 48,000 tons of cement supplies
  • 45,000 tons of natural sand aggregates
  • 130,000 tons of dolomite sub-base aggregates

Thanks to the A-2 highway project, the Polish capital is now integrated into the rest of the European motorway network for the very first time, creating a more connected continent!

A2 highway, Warsaw, Poland