China - Setting new standards for quarry rehabilitation

28 August 2012

After over a decade of successful rehabilitation work, LafargeHolcim's Dujiangyan quarry in Sichuan Province is recognized as a role model for rehabilitation planning and implementation for all quarrying and mining industries in China.



  • Minimize the impact of quarrying on the local environment
  • Identify the most suitable habitats and species for the rehabilitated areas of the quarry
  • Pilot quarry rehabilitation work for LafargeHolcim in China and for the Chinese cement industry as a whole


LafargeHolcim has been implementing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for its Dujiangyan quarry since 2001. The Dujiangyan plant was one of our first greenfield plants in China and the rehabilitation plan was developed as the plant was being built. It included:

  • An evaluation of the environmental conditions, to determine the most suitable habitats and species
  • A biodiversity-oriented rehabilitation process
  • Progressive rehabilitation, taking place alongside quarrying
  • Close involvement of local stakeholders: government officials, NGOs, research institutes and forestry officials
  • Organized visits for local stakeholders, media, members of the local community and students, to raise awareness of the role that quarry rehabilitation can play in environmental protection

Dujiangyan quarry is situated in the national nature reserve of Longxi-Hongkou and 10km from a world heritage protected area.


    More than 80,000 indigenous plants have been planted since 2001 and a number of native animal species have returned to the rehabilitated area. Joint activities have been organized with the Longxi-Hongkou National Nature Reserve education center, to educate local students on quarry rehabilitation and environmental protection. The rehabilitation program has received recognition from environmental experts and the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences as a role model for quarry rehabilitation for other quarrying and mining industries.

    Rehabilitation of Lafarge's Dujiangyan quarry in Sichuan Province, China