Chronolia®: timesaving, high early strength concrete

To save time and improve the productivity of your worksites, our concrete Chronolia® is your best ally. It quickly develops high mechanical resistance and formworks can be removed 3-5 times faster than standard concrete!


High early strength concrete to gain time, reduce cost and improve quality

Chronolia®’s high early strength gain and hardening properties allow contractors to benefit from more flexibility in construction planning, safer working conditions, early loading of the structures, and associated cost savings. Formworks can be removed 3-5 times faster than standard concrete, resulting in twice as many daily cycles.

Discover its benefits

  • Early loading

    Chronolia®'s advanced technology delivers early high strength defined by rapid hardening properties, saving you time and money.

  • Workability

    Combining two hours of workability and early hydration growth, Chronolia® is easier for workers to use in a variety of applications.

  • Full range per application

    From walls and slabs to road repair and flooring, each application benefits from a specific concrete design and the choice from a full range (4, 6, 15, 24 and 48 hours) with a specific strength per application.

  • Faster concrete construction

    Chronolia® increases your productivity thanks to early removal of formwork, resulting in twice as many daily cycles!


How can you use Chronolia®?

  • To build walls, columns and beams
  • For flatwork where the construction process needs to be fast-tracked
  • In civil engineering projects that require a quick turnaround time


Built with Chronolia®