Distribution and retail

The point of sale is the moment of truth, where our products and solutions meet their customers and end-users. For LafargeHolcim, being a business partner to all players in the distribution chain is key. We make our products and solutions available at all times, generating additional business for you as distributors, retailers, and DIY stores. We also offer in-store animations, product knowledge, digital platforms, mobile apps, and financing schemes for your customers and end-users, including individuals and professionals.


Our partnership approach is specially designed to create extra business for you as trade professionalsThis includes key account management, dedicated teams and services, and a one-on-one relationship to help you build efficient distribution strategies and catchment area management.

We also support you in taking care of your clients with specific answers to the needs of individuals and construction professionals. Thanks to our global footprint, we understand that each market is different, and our distribution can be tailored to your local needs.


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Product availability and reliable deliveries

Disitribution, product availibility

The right quantity of products at the right time and in the right place is crucial for your business’ profitability as a distribution and retail player.

With LafargeHolcim, you can rely on:

  • Innovative solutions, such as:
    • Retailing solutions that allow you to benefit from a nationwide network of stores.
    • Depots (as in Algeria) and container mobile shops in rural areas (as in Tanzania and Zambia) to cover remote and dispersed regions.
    • A key distributor network, which offers selected partners exclusive rights to distribute LafargeHolcim solutions within a specified geographic area as well as rebates and services from a dedicated LafargeHolcim sales team.
    • The shop-in-shop, a new in-store concept in partnership with retailers, deployed in India.
  • Inventory management to ensure availability of products. Thanks to advanced software solutions, we can refill at the right moment, so that customers will always find the right product and the right quality in your store.
  • Optimized supply chain and logistics efficiency
  • Health and safety standards applied to road advisory along with shipping and handling for reliable, safe deliveries.


In-store animation and shopping experience to drive traffic and sales

Distribution, in-store animation and shoping

For you as a retailer, driving traffic toward your point of sale is key to generating revenue.

We offer a series of services to make your stores and outlets attractive to your customers:

  • Training offers and certifications for building professionals,
  • In-store events and point-of-sale branding and marketing,
  • Visual merchandising,
  • Promotional activities for you and your customers,
  • Loyalty programs for masons, contractors, and individual homebuilders, and
  • Category management approach to maximize rotation and profitability of DIY stores. Our portfolio of products and solutions covers different applications and price ranges.


A one-stop retail shop with a multi-product range

Distribution, one-stop retail

We make sure that you, as a trade player, individual, or building professional, can find the product or solution you are looking for by offering:

  • A wide portfolio of optimized mix designs for all applications (drymix cement, masonry cement, mortar, etc.) available at our own stores and service centers, such as our HuB in the Philippines.
  • Ready-to-use products in small packages (concrete and mortar in buckets and smaller bags of cement)
  • Contacts with LafargeHolcim-registered professionals (masons, concrete applicators, etc.)
  • Innovative cement bags, such as rain and moisture resistant bags.
  • A partnership approach with retailers and local hardware stores, especially in Latin America (e.g. Costa Rica, El Salvador).

In some countries, we have opened LafargeHolcim stores and franchise retail shops with local partners to supply most of our products and solutions as well as other materials necessary for construction job sites: 

Red Minetti in Argentina 

Disensa in Ecuador

Binastore in Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Zambia and others.  


Digital services for easier access to our solutions

The best way to create business for you and for us is to make your outlets easy to find and our products easy to purchase for individuals and construction professionals.

Your customer and you as a store owner can benefit from:

  • store locator mobile apps, to find the nearest store selling LafargeHolcim products.
  • digital services, such as customer web portals allowing order, delivery and invoice tracking.


Financing and cash-flow solutions for customers

In many areas, individuals and construction professionals lack funds to complete their building projects, which translates into lost sales for distributors and retailers.

At LafargeHolcim, we have developed a specific affordable housing microcredit offer available in several countries, such as Serbia and Indonesia. We partner with banks and microcredit institutions to offer lower credit rates to your customers so they can buy materials for home completion, extension, or renovation.

This ensures that we generate extra sales for you from financially guaranteed customers.