Ductal®, our UHPC with unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and strength! Its performance allows a wide range of applications, from the most demanding structures, including bridges and roads, to the most creative architectural projects and cost-effective public and private buildings, through our façade rainscreen cladding solution.


Meeting the unique needs of architects and engineers

Ductal® is a high-tech and innovative building material (Ultra-High Performance Concrete - UHPC) with the superior qualities of resistance, ductility, longevity, eco-efficiency, insulation and aesthetics. It's the right answer to the strong expectations of the building sector actors around the world - today and for the future.

Discover its benefits

  • Resilient & Aesthetic

    Ductal®’s resilience, strength and very low porosity make cities and infrastructure more beautiful, more resistant and more secure.

  • Sustainable

    Our Ductal® new generation of material dramatically increases the life cycle of both building and infrastructure projects.

  • Innovative

    Our continuous improvement processes push the limits of our Ductal® material, created to meet today’s needs while building the future

  • Customer Care

    The Ductal® touch: as a team of trained architects, engineers and contractors, we know exactly the types of challenges you face and how best to respond


How can you use Ductal?


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