EcoPactZERO is a climate neutral concrete that minimizes the CO2 impact of cement and offset unavoidable emissions through certified climate protection projects.


Through our strong innovation culture and decades of experience, we have been able to continuously optimize our entire portfolio. Holcim Germany is one of our leading markets in this effort, with more than 90% of the concrete made with CO2-reduced cement. Concrete is the basis for our infrastructure and buildings. Due to its local availability, concrete has short transport distances, is extremely versatile in its uses and is almost entirely recyclable.

EcoPact Zero takes this commitment one step further by offering a concrete that is completely carbon-neutral, using only concretes that can show a CSC certificate. These certificates show that operations have been carried out in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. And to reduce the CO2 emissions to zero, the unavoidable emissions are offset through certified climate protection projects. Thanks to these characteristics, EcopactZERO (available in Germany) is the first carbon neutral concrete in Germany