Ecuador: We cement the past and the future of the city of Quito

22 June 2011

Who said one has to choose between tradition and modernity to make cities more beautiful? In Quito, capital of Ecuador, we combined the two: our high-tech cement has revived the Casa del Alabado, a seventeenth century colonial mansion converted into a museum!


Welcome to the Casa del Alabado! Built in 1671 in the heart of Quito, the Ecuadorian capital, this colonial building typical of the seventeenth century architectural style, is a major landmark of the city. It is classified World Heritage of UNESCO.

But neglected for decades, this 1800 m²-jewel on two floors built around several courtyards had lost its luster. The municipality decided to renovate it to make the first pre-Columbian museum in the country.

Modern cement to sublimate historical heritage

Not so easy said than done: the Casa del Alabado was originally built entirely of adobe bricks, a mixture of mud and straw particularly fragile. Its restoration has been a real technical challenge.

For this unique project, we developed specially formulated cement for the fabrication of mortar perfectly adapted to the adobe. We have provided 15 tonnes of this cement containing more ecological component (pozzolan), in order to strengthen the walls and roof of the house. Enough to ensure the longevity of the venerable house for years to come!

Encouraged by the success of the Casa del Alabado, the municipality launched a renovation plan for the district.