Extensia™: high strength, low shrinkage concrete

A specialty concrete that extends your floor design potential? Our high strength, low shrinkage concrete Extensia™ will open up new possibilities for industrial slabs that resist wear and impact! And thanks to its unique formula, buildings can be put into service quicker!


High strength, low shrinkage concrete for industrial slabs

Specially designed for industrial floors subject to heavy vehicle traffic and high mechanical loads (car parks, industrial facilities), Extensia delivers long-lasting slabs with high resilience against wear and impact. It allows you to design floors with or without metallic reinforcements, depending on the project needs.

Extensia™ is also a more sustainable choice since it offers the possibility to design slabs with reduced steel reinforcement, reduced volume of concrete and less energy consumption during pours. Excellent surface durability also limits future maintenance and, in some cases, the need for a protective top coat.

Discover its benefits

  • Flexibility in floor design

    The mechanical and shrinkage properties of Extensia™ lets you design thinner and unreinforced slabs, without surface hardening required with increased joint spacing (up to 400 m²).

  • Rapid execution

    The floor construction sequence can be shortened with Extensia™, thanks to early power-trowelling of the surface and early cutting of joints.

  • Early loading

    Extensia™’s superior mechanical performance allows for early loading while shorter drying times means toppings can be applied one or two weeks earlier.

  • Low maintenance cost

    Further developments lead to extend the range to screed applications with high insulation properties.


How can you use Extensia™?

  • For industrial floors subject to heavy foot & vehicle traffic
  • For surfaces that need to resist high mechanical loads (car parks, industrial facilities)