France: an exceptional cellar made from Agilia®

3 January 2012

The cellar of the Cheval Blanc estate in Saint-Emilion, designed by French architect Christian de Portzamparc, rises like a white cloud from among the vines. Its soft and undulating lines perfectly convey lightness and a feeling of movement thanks to the four 40cm-thick curved elements cast from Agilia® concrete.


The self-leveling and self-placing properties of Agilia® made it possible to meet the requirements of the worksite in a natural way: the 36m³ to 120m³ shear walls each needed to be cast in one pouring. And the concrete was mechanically sanded to obtain a surface result close to stone. Its formulation was also revised. So that no black spots appear during sanding, only white sand, cement and pebbles were used.

The structure, which houses a fermenting room and a barrel cellar, has been entirely designed around wine-making.