Hydromedia™: cutting edge permeable concrete

Hydromedia™ delivers sustainable solutions that combine the properties of concrete and advanced drainage technology. Highly permeable, it rapidly absorbs storm water off streets, parking surfaces, driveways, and walkways, thus reducing the risk of flooding.


Best-in-class permeable concrete with advanced drainage technology

Water is  the one of  the world’s most vital resources that requires proper management in order to reap its benefits while avoiding its adverse effects.

More than a product, Hydromedia™ is a rain water management system that enables the ultra-rapid evacuation of water directly into the soil. This produces a natural aquifer recharge or allows the water to be recycled. Our Hydromedia™ range is designed to cover all your possible needs, from street pavements to roofing solutions!


Discover its benefits

  • Water management

    • High permeability no surface collection

    • Zero floods

    • Safe, non-slippery pavement under different conditions

  • Aesthetic

    • Flat pavement, no slopes necessary to manage water

    • Rapid and flexible design

  • Sustainability

    • Rain water can be recycled or conduced

    • Hydromedia™ a green solution: 100% recyclable with a low carbon footprint 
    • Reduction of island heat effect

  • Low maintenance

    • High durability

    • Easy placing thanks to its fluidity
    • Easy to maintain


How can you use Hydromedia™?

  • Streets & parking surfaces
  • Public squares & walkways
  • Athletic terrains (tennis courts, track & field, …)
  • Roofs


Built with Hydromedia™