Innovative solutions

Innovation has been the lifeblood of LafargeHolcim – with the LafargeHolcim Innovation Center in Lyon, France, as case in point. The Innovation Center acts as a hub in a network of local laboratories and country-level innovation teams. Thanks to this networked approach,customers around the world have benefitted from tailormade solutions to build more quickly and efficiently, and even to reduce their impact on the environment.


With sources close to the worksite and demanding quality control, we produce high quality recycled aggregates.


A self-levelling building material that flows and spreads effortlessly, reducing worksites hassles and time.

Airium ©

Fire-resistant, long-lasting and sustainable insulating foam. It can fill any type of shape and cavity.


Colors, finishings, exterior or interior: our decorative concrete range gives free rein to your boldest architectural projects.


This high early strength concrete quickly develops high mechanical resistance - and formworks can be removed much faster.


Our Ultra High Performance Concrete allows unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and strength.


This earth stabilized block addresses the deforestation in developing countries as it does not require firing.


A specialty concrete for industrial floors that extends floor design and allows industrial slabs to better resist wear and impact.


A water management system to rapidly absorb rain water off streets, parkings, driveways, and walkways - reducing the risk of flooding.


A reduced CO2 cement with up to 70% lower carbon footprint than traditional Ordinary Portland Cement systems.


This insulating concrete improves insulation and energy performance of residential and office buildings and by reducing heat loss.