Jordan - Rainwater harvesting & water recycling to reduce freshwater consumption

29 March 2012

To preserve the scarce and precious water resource in Jordan, LafargeHolcim's cement plant in Fuhais introduced rainwater harvesting and installed a complete water recycling system, reducing freshwater consumption and drastically cutting water discharge.



  • Achieve a significant reduction in water consumption
  • Avoid using fresh water, needed for the local communities, for industrial purposes
  • Reduce water discharge to zero
  • Reduce the cost of cooling operations


Located in an area of extreme water scarcity, LafargeHolcim's Fuhais cement plant in Jordan introduced rainwater harvesting and implemented a water recycling system to reduce its use of freshwater. The aim was to reduce its water withdrawal from the local domestic network.
The plant installed pools dedicated to rainwater collection and run-off from cleaning operations. Water from these pools is pumped through pipes to a water treatment plant and stored afterwards in industrial tanks, before being used by the plant.
This closed-loop system has allowed a significant reduction in freshwater consumption and also ensures that no water is discharged outside the plant.


    The closed loop system has reduced water consumption by 50%, generating significant savings in freshwater consumption for industrial purposes. The cost of water at the plant has also been cut by more than 50%. No water is discharged outside the plant, which has greatly improved relations with the neighboring communities.

    Water recycling at Lafarge Cement plant, Fuhais, Jordan