LafargeHolcim cement and concrete solutions help bring Argentinians closer with Highway Route 9

23 October 2010

Highway Route 9 is a major road that stretches 1,829 km across Argentina, uniting Buenos Aires with La Quiaca, on the border with Bolivia. In 2007, LafargeHolcim was called upon to deliver cement and concrete solutions for a 317 km section of this highway, between Cordoba and Rosario.


Quality long-distance transportation is a necessity in Argentina, given the country’s sprawling 4,000 km north-south reach. However, an insufficient infrastructure translates to a large number of still unpaved roads in the country.

In 2007, LafargeHolcim began building a 317 km segment of Highway Route 9, between Cordoba and Rosario. The $780-million project involved the construction of 76 bridges and 997 sewers and drains. In total, the work required over 1 million m3 of pavement and 125,000 m3 of infrastructure ready-mix concrete.

LafargeHolcim leverages technical leadership to assure quality of cement and concrete

Throughout the course of the project, LafargeHolcim provided the following solutions:

  • Production of 480,000 tons of cement, 1,125,000 m3 of concrete and sourcing of 2.5 million tons of aggregates.
  • Wet mix batching/mixing plants for pavement concrete, operating at 140 and 280 m3/hour.
  • Dry mix batching plants for sewers and other complementary concrete structures, operating at 60 m3/hour.

LafargeHolcim went beyond the traditional supply of cement or concrete to deliver:

  • Planning and execution of logistics for raw materials and finished products, with assurance of availability,
  • Cement and concrete product design and production,
  • Know-how in logistics and technical support,
  • Expertise in quality assurance and control, with a focus on cement to ensure early strength and avoid early cracking of concrete pavement.

Successfully completed in 2010, this road project ensures that major cities are adequately connected in this country where long-distance transportation is of the utmost importance. Building on the success of the Highway Route 9 project, LafargeHolcim was able to replicate its experience to other highway projects across Argentina, such as Routes 14 and 19 as well as Cordoba Bypass Ring.