Multiple-unit housing in an eco-neighborhood in Algiers

21 April 2013

In Algiers, we have contributed to the design of comfortable, low-energy housing at an affordable price, situated in the new eco-neighborhood of Bateau Cassé.


When Algiers decided to give itself a makeover, Lafarge was not far away! Among the projects underway in the Algerian capital is the development of the Bay of Algiers, which aims to reconnect the inhabitants of the city with the sea and to promote mobility thanks to a new public transport network.

This project also calls for the creation of a brand new eco-neighborhood in Bateau Cassé. To the east of the Algiers coastline, the area currently combines structured housing, temporary housing, farmland, woodland and some major public facilities (a stadium and a tourist center). It will become an eco-neighborhood focused on the quality of life of its inhabitants, where:

  • existing parks and gardens will be preserved
  • all pathways will be part of a walking park
  • affordable homes will be built for a middle-class population who are not eligible for social housing but cannot afford to access the private market.

We helped project leader Arte Charpentier rationalize the design of the buildings and apartments to provide environmental performance and maximum comfort at the lowest cost.

Upstream collaboration getting results

"We have been fortunate to benefit from very substantial technical support from Lafarge teams, both those working here in Algiers and those at the Research Center, particularly on structural and thermal issues, from the very first phases of the project," comments the architect and urban planner Marie-France Bouet, from Arte Charpentier firm. "By starting up our collaboration so far upstream, we have given ourselves every chance of achieving the best possible energy efficiency."

The buildings, which will range from four to seven stories, will house two- to five-room apartment designed around "patio-loggias". These will be built above a two-story podium containing shops, businesses premises and public amenities.

Housing, public services and business will truly share the same space!