LafargeHolcim's high-strength products keep Nairobi in the fast lane!

2 February 2012

From narrow road to eight-lane, access-controlled highway, the new "superhighway" that now links Kenya’s capital city with Thika and the Ethiopian border town of Moyale was made possible thanks in part to LafargeHolcim's cement.


An old, four-lane road once connected Nairobi with bustling Thika, an industrial town located 40 km northeast of Kenya’s capital city.

Approximately 250,000 automobilists make the daily commute across this out-of-date roadway. The new Thika road took three years to complete and was opened in 2012, consisting of a modern eight-lane divided highway with access control service lanes, grade-separated traffic interchanges and the introduction of three major arterial connectors.

In 2009, development began on this new and improved “superhighway.” But first, they needed to assemble the right team. LafargeHolcim's adherence to strict standards and investment in consistent, high-strength products made us a preferred partner and supplier. During the three-year construction phase, we provided the following:

  • 120,000 tons of cement, approximately 85% of the total used in the project
  • Strong logistics
  • Production guarantees
  • Project management support

Today, hundreds of thousands of Kenyans take advantage of the Thika superhighway, enabling them to benefit from better and more connected infrastructure every day.

Superhighway connecting Nairobi and Thika, Kenya