Our strategy

We have established a set of strategic priorities to generate growth, maximize returns and create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.


The major trends affecting construction

There are two underlying global shifts – or “megatrends” – that will affect the future of construction.


The number of people living in urban environments is predicted to rise by 2.5 billion over the next 15 years. And cities will account for more than 80 percent of global consumption by 2030. Building these urban environments and the infrastructure required to make them function presents a major opportunity for LafargeHolcim.


The construction industry is entering a period of transformation, characterized by increased demand for sustainable solutions, expanding influence of digital technologies and a broader range of construction solutions, notably in affordable housing.


Our strengths

Our combination of strengths – developed over many years and unmatched in our industry – put us in a strong position to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from these megatrends. We have:

  • A global footprint with leadership positions in the vast majority of our markets
  • A diversified portfolio with a good balance between mature and developing markets positioned in highly populated areas
  • Industry-leading capability in innovation, enabling us to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our customers
  • Highly talented, experienced and motivated people from diverse backgrounds


Four pillars of LafargeHolcim’s strategy

Our strategy aims to further strengthen the company’s leadership position in the construction industry, drive shareholder returns and establish the Group as the partner of choice for our customers – involved early in the design phase of projects – to address the dual challenges of urbanization and sustainability.

We have built our strategy around four pillars: cost leadership, an asset light approach, commercial transformation and sustainability.  Cost leadership and an asset light approach together enable the business to grow returns through disciplined management and allocation of capital, whereas commercial transformation and sustainability will differentiate LafargeHolcim from competitors.

  • Cost leadership

    Cost leadership is in the DNA of our organization and essential to success in our industry. This means systematically and rigorously managing our costs, implementing best practices across the Group and taking advantage of our scale.

  • Asset light

    By adopting an asset light approach we can optimize our current asset base, better leveraging our industrial footprint, reducing our capital expenditures and exploring new growth opportunities with lower capital intensity.

  • Commercial transformation

    We want to develop our commercial expertise to anticipate the needs of our customers, getting involved earlier in projects to co-develop solutions that will nurture long-term relationships and make us their partner of choice.

  • Sustainability

    We’re proud to lead the industry in reducing CO2 per ton of cement and we also want to differentiate LafargeHolcim by harnessing our capability in research & development to address the growing demand for sustainable solutions.


The key enablers underpinning our strategy


Health & Safety

Our overarching value is health and safety. It is embedded in everything we do. We are committed to ensure that the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the public are not put at risk by our operations.



We believe people are central to the success of the company and the value it creates for its stakeholders. We are committed to engage, motivate and develop our people, providing diverse and international career paths.



Developing and adopting the digital solutions that support innovation, interconnectedness and bringing better solutions to more customers in more places is a key component of success in the future.