Philippines: a new-generation tower for an expanding metropolis

17 April 2013

All those who work in the Zuellig Building in Manila are fortunate to work in attractive, ultra-comfortable offices capable of the best possible environmental performance. Built with our cement, this 33-story skyscraper will help increase the density of the permanently growing capital of the Philippines!


Manila is one of the world's densest cities. So what is the best way to reply to demand for offices without taking up too much ground space, yet still factoring in the economic, social and environmental impact of the construction? The Zuellig Building could be an answer.

Built in the heart of Makati, the financial center of Metro Manila, this new 155-meter tall office building completed in 2012 will house dozens of businesses on 55,000 m2 of floor space on 33 stories. It also combines environmental responsibility, high-quality finishes and esthetics. Patterns incorporated into the glazed facades, inspired by bamboos and flowing water, provide additional shade inside the building.  

High-performance cements

For the construction of this new-generation tower, we supplied Deecon, the ready-mix concrete supplier, with one of our high-performance cements, chosen for its consistency as well as because of our technical assistance. This cement has already proved itself: we used it for the construction of the Tower One & Exchange Plaza, one of the country's tallest and most prestigious office towers, which houses the headquarters of the Manila Stock Exchange.  

The Zuellig Building's environmental performance is so impressive it has become the first building in the Philippines to be awarded the American LEED label (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

It was also picked as one of the three best buildings in Asia in the "Best Office and Business Development" category in 2012 by the jury at the MIPIM (Marché International des Professionnels de l'Immobilier). Enough to bring a smile to the employees' faces every morning!