Speeding up production on the Brunswick Pipeline with our high-tech concrete

1 January 2007

How do thousands of families along the Canada-US border keep warm during the cold winter months? With natural gas transported via the Brunswick Pipeline! LafargeHolcim's expertise and high-tech Chronolia® and Agilia® concretes played a key role in establishing the connection.


To help diversify and secure Maritime Canada’s energy mix, Canada’s National Energy Board commissioned the infrastructure necessary to ensure an abundant supply of clean-burning natural gas in the region.

In 2007, construction began on the 145-km Brunswick Pipeline, which stretches across the Canada-US border between New Brunswick and Maine. Today, this natural gas transmission pipeline heats homes in both countries to fight off the bitter cold.

LafargeHolcim supplied the project with concrete saddle weights, which are used to stabilize pipes as they pass through swampy or watery terrain.

Our product recommendation for such a technically demanding job?

  • Chronolia® 4H: its early strength characteristics enabled our teams to strip formwork within just two hours of pouring and stockpile finished weights within eight…an extraordinary feat considering conventional mixes require 24 hours! In fact, the rapid action of our concrete helped us complete phase one of the project in just 10 days and ahead of schedule.

We also provided the concrete pipe coating, using our specialty self-consolidating mix Agilia®, perfect for this type of complex application.

Thousands of homes on both sides of the Canada-US border can now feel the heat of high-quality natural gas safely delivered via the Brunswick Pipeline, thanks in part to our specialty concretes!