What our people say

Our people make LafargeHolcim successful. Discover the insider's view and learn about what our employees in different roles, functions, and countries say about their experiences.


Operational positions


Head of operations, Singapore

“I am given the opportunity to perform at my highest level and develop my skills”

“I am given the opportunity to perform at my highest level without too much interference from higher-ups. I have been able to develop my skills and competencies through sharing knowledge with others, attending seminars and conferences, and through various work group studies.”

worker in white coveralls next to round iron cover

Ready-Mix Operations Manager, Ecuador

“My professional growth has been consistent, through readiness for change, teamwork, and personal development”

“My professional growth has been very consistent. At LafargeHolcim, you must be ready for change – in a multinational company change is constant. You must develop your skills and be open. Team work makes you grow and enriches you with knowledge every day.”


Director of a cement plant, USA

“I believe professional mobility can boost performance of plants and business units”

"I believe that professional mobility can help boost the performance of a plant or business unit. Professional mobility offers another incontestable advantage in that it is possible to draw on best practices used elsewhere to solve problems in your new environment."

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Plant Manager, Switzerland, Austria

“Being thrown in at the deep and learning on the job is a great experience”

“Before I reached the age of 30, Holcim gave me the opportunity to take over the challenge of being responsible for a production site and 15 employees. Being thrown in at the deep end and learning on the job is a great experience and well supported by a 18 month management development program.”


Functional positions


Safety coordinator, Kenya & Uganda

“A hearts and minds commitment to safety”

"East Africa is a very challenging area in terms of influencing individuals to make a "hearts and minds" commitment to safety, when they have previously worked all their lives without any personal injury prevention. With commitment from senior management, hard work, and passion, we have been able to overcome that challenge.”


HR Manager, Brazil 

“To grow within the organization, you don’t necessarily have to give up personal plans”

“To develop yourself and grow within the organization, you don’t necessarily have to give up personal plans, such as building a family and being close to your children. Mentoring programs, benefits such as daycare, home office policy, and flexible working time make our employees feel supported, and the results are competent professionals who work focused and deliver results.”


IT Consultant, Brazil

“I have the opportunity to work with intelligent people”

“Appreciating the challenges I find every day at LafargeHolcim is a big part of why I want to stay here. It's unusual to be in an IT job and work for a cement company, but I really like my work a lot. I have the opportunity to work with intelligent people, travel to other countries and speak other languages.”


Project Manager, Spain

“Everyone can openly propose ideas or changes”

“At LafargeHolcim, there is room for individual initiative and improvement, something I appreciate. Directors, managers and employees work together without hierarchical barriers, and everyone can openly propose ideas or changes regarding the processes in place. The international environment at LafargeHolcim delivers high satisfaction and I would recommend it to everyone.”

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