France: the Jambert-LafargeHolcim low-energy house

9 November 2010

Lafarge inaugurated its first low-energy house in Angers (France) on last November 9th, demonstrating that concrete is a viable solution to sustainable construction challenges.


With a habitable surface area of 108m², the house was built in collaboration with French residential construction company Maisons Bernard Jambert and meets the requirements of LEB (low-energy building) certification with energy consumption of 48kWh/m² p.a. It is also in line with French Thermal Regulation 2005 (RT 2005) and is ahead of its time in relation to the 2012 regulation!

The Jambert-LafargeHolcim house, which receives an A-rated energy label, was built by combining a bioclimatic design, the choice of a efficient construction system, good thermal insulation and air-tightness as well as the incorporation of high-performance technical equipment.

The house combines the Group's materials with well controlled common construction systems:

  • Cements: The Classic, Multibat for the load-bearing walls.
  • Concretes: Agilia® for the building's shell and the screed over the heated floor.
  • Gypsum: PREGYMAX 29.5 for the insulation of the partitions, PREGYMETAL, SYNIA™, PREGYDRO™ for the partitions and finishes.
  • Insulation: Unimat®.