LafargeHolcim will lead by innovation and develop products, services and solutions with enhanced environmental and social performance compared to current standards. We will be a thought leader in the sector and drive transformation along the construction value chain. We will identify, promote and reward the most progressive concepts in the construction industry via the LafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction.


Our targets for 2030

  • Generate 1/3 of our net sales from our products and services with enhanced sustainability performance.


Why we care

Our planet’s new challenges (climate change, resource scarcity, urbanization, etc.) requires a new kind of response from the construction industry. Our sector must transform the way it operates to become more innovative, more mindful of the use of resources and the impact on nature. To achieve this, we need to come up with innovative solutions, from materials manufacturing processes and product development to building design and construction methods.

Therefore, LafargeHolcim is committed to use its ideas, influence and research capabilities to build a portfolio of innovative, sustainable solutions that will benefit the environment and society, as well as our business.