Hydroelectric power moves in sync to the flow of our materials in Kenya

1 February 2011

Kenyans can rely on plentiful and renewable energy thanks to the Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station, one of Kenya’s key infrastructure projects. Built to last and delivered in 1991, this dam features a stunning double-curvature arch design made possible by LafargeHolcim's concrete and specialized cement.


Located in northwest Kenya, the Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station is the country’s third-largest power plant. Soaring 153 meters in height, the dam retains 1,641,000,000 m³ of water and has been churning out 106 MW of energy per year for over 20 years. In fact, approximately 10% of the nation’s overall power originates from Turkwel!

Completing the project, and especially the arch design, required superior technical precision and structural strength that only concrete could deliver. Guaranteeing delivery and project support in a remote area, LafargeHolcim supplied 160,000 m3 of concrete. We also manufactured special sulphate-resistant cement to meet the local environment’s technical demands and dam specificities.

For over two decades, the Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station has played an essential role in providing a steady flow of electricity to the entire country…and will do so for many years to come.

Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station, Kenya