Precast Concrete

LafargeHolcim has market-leading operations producing a diverse and innovative range of precast concrete elements and solutions catering to the commercial, infrastructure and residential construction sectors


Our Precast Concrete Offerings

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  • Standard Precast Products: We offer a wide range of pre-designed solutions such as concrete blocks, paving and landscape products, housing veneers, drainage solutions and traffic management products.
  • Engineered Precast Products and Solutions: Our bespoke solutions cover the design, production and often construction of structural and architectural components for building and infrastructure projects such as beams, columns, wall panels, prestressed floor systems, exterior architectural cladding, prestressed bridge girders and related products, tunnel liners and rail products.


For both families of product offerings, LafargeHolcim has gained recognition from customers as a resource in providing viable precast concrete solutions to their construction projects and delivering on those solutions.


Discover some of the benefits of precast concrete


Since precast concrete products are produced in a controlled industrial environment, safety provisions can be designed into the entire production process, which leads to a safer production environment. Through the prefabrication of construction elements, onsite construction work is reduced, thereby providing a safer environment for the construction site workforce.

Increased efficiency & sustainability

Precast construction provides for controlled planning and for significantly shortened construction schedules. It makes optimal use of raw materials, minimizes waste and consumes less energy, making a more sustainable construction process. Precast concrete also allows integrating electrical, communications, mechanical and plumbing systems into precast elements before arriving at the construction site, thus saving time, energy, waste and overall costs on-site.


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Increased quality

Precast concrete production under a controlled industrial environment with rigorous quality control protocols at every stage of the process increases the overall construction quality. The controlled industrial environment also allows for the routine use of high-performance concrete that adds to increased durability over the life cycle of the structure.

Labor optimization

There is a global shortage of skilled construction site labor. Precast concrete products and systems offer a solution to this trend by moving much of the construction process into an industrialized setting, thus making the best use of the available skilled labor and simplifying the on-site skill set requirements.


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Construction system integration

Precast concrete is becoming a key construction solution to take full advantage of advances in automation and information technologies, thereby helping to develop an industrialized construction model. Solutions from precast concrete are perfectly suited for the trend of 3D virtual design systems (Building Information Modelling, or BIM), that overlay and integrate all structural, architectural, electrical, HVAC and plumbing information into a virtual building model before any work begins on site.