Building solutions


LafargeHolcim's building solutions


LafargeHolcim supplies high quality, innovative asphalts that use the latest processing technology. Our asphalt materials are designed to provide enhanced performance, and their standard of sustainable building, a growing

Precast concrete

LafargeHolcim offers a variety of precast concrete products, services and solutions, ranging from concrete paving and landscaping solutions, over drainage products, to engineered concrete structures and everything in between.

Dry mortar

Dry Mortar business develops products and services very close to LH customers.
Render, plaster, tile adhesive, grout and repair mortar are all part of the wide product portfolio LH Dry Mortar offers to fulfil market needs.


Fully recyclable with a very low CO2 footprint, this mineral foam offers structural, insulating and fire-protecting properties in one product.


Ultra High Performance Concrete dramatically increases the life cycle of buildings and infrastructure.


Innovative block takes on deforestation, unemployment and housing shortages all at once.